BioSilk Hair Products Review

The Power of Heat...The Luxury of Biosilk

Silk Therapy hair care works with the power of heat. Silk proteins are activated to penetrate and provide protection while improving the condition of the hair. For healthier hair with incredible shine, Silk Therapy hair care consists of unique products that are ideal for all hair types.

Biosilk Hair Products

Biosilk Conditioners

BioSilk Silk Therapy Thickening Conditioner
BioSilk Silk Therapy Conditioner
BioSilk Hydrating Conditioner
BioSilk Conditioner Moisturizer

Biosilk shampoo

BioSilk Shampoo Out
BioSilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Shampoo
BioSilk Volumizing Shampoo
BioSilk Silk Therapy Shampoo
BioSilk Silk Therapy Thickening Shampoo
BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo

BioSilk Hair Treatments

BioSilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Conditioner
BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On
BioSilk Pre Plus Detangler
BioSilk Fruit Cocktail
BioSilk Silk Filler

BioSilk Conditioner Moisturizer

A unique hair and scalp treatment that instantly moisturizes and detangles hair while providing a cool refreshing treatment. Controls dry, flyaway hair and eliminates static electricity.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On

A lightweight high shine spray that provides instant brilliant shine, helps repair split ends and eliminate frizz, produces a luminous, sensual, brilliant finish without buildup. Ideal for all hair types.

BioSilk Pre Plus Detangler

A superior instant clarifying conditioner that immediately conditions and purifies the hair, removes excessive product build up and water minerals, detangles, and provides maximum volume and thickness with renewed softness.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Shampoo

BioSilk Silk Therapy Smoothing Shampoo with Vitamin B, Silk Proteins and a complex of herbs, botanical and humectants provide a luxurious cleansing while providing maximum moisture and smoothness to each strand.

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